Jonah Ch. 1

Jonah, Jesus And Me

Verses 1-2
1. Jonah’s Call a. God has called Jonah to GO to a wicked city.  Jonah 1:1 b. God called His Son Jesus to Go to a lost humanity. John 1 c. God through Jesus has called us to Go to the nations. Matthew 28:18-20

Verse 3
2. Jonah runs a. Like Jonah we all have run from God. 1. There is no running from God – Psalm 139:7-10

Verses 4-10
3. Jonah’s Disobedience a. God pursues Jonah. Jonah 1:4 b. God through Jesus pursues humanity. Romans 5:8 c. We are called to pursue the lost. Acts 1:8

Verses 11-16
4. Jonah’s tossed overboard a. The pagan sailors fear God more at this point than Jonah does. b. The pagan sailors act more like Christians than Jonah. c. The pagan sailors repent through sacrifice and vows.

Verse 17
5. Jonahs whale a.  Despite Jonah’s disobedience God pursues him throughout the story. b. The story of Jonah points to the Doctrine of the resurrection of Jesus. c. Jonah was in the Fish for three days; Jesus was in the earth for three days. d. As Jonah was delivered from the fish, Jesus was delivered from the grave conquering sin and death.

APPLICATION:  God is pursuing the lost and we can be a part of it if we are obedient to the Great Commission. What areas of your life need to change in order to chase after the call of God?

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