Jonah Ch. 2

Jonah 2

Verse 1-4
I. God is Actively Involved In His Creation
a.    Jonahs “rock bottom”
i.      From Sheol (after-life, death separation, Jonah’s near death experience)
b.   God Listens/answers (verse 2)
i.      Exodus 3:7-10 (God heard the cry of the Israelites)
c.    God’s Providence (verse 3,)
i.      Romans 8:28-29 (God works for the good…)
ii.      God was working through the sailors to hurl Jonah

Verse 5-7
II. In Death, there is Life
a.    Like Jonah, our salvation is by grace alone
i.      Ephesians 2:8-10
b.   Jesus called his disciples to “come and die.”
i.      Matthew 16:24
ii.      When we surrender our life to Christ, we must take up a cross.
1.   Cross = instrument of death
2.   Romans 12:1-2
a.    Living sacrifice..
3.   Paul said, to live is Christ, to die is gain. Phil. 1:21

Verse 8-9
III. There is no salvation in worldly idols
a.    idols
i.      reference to pagan sailors (1:5)
b.   idols in our life take us away from:
i.      relationship to God
ii.      our created purposes
iii.      mission as a church
c.    What idols can distract?
i.      Relationships, job, money, etc.
d.   Exodus 20:3-4, 1 Corinthians 8:4
Verse 10

IV. A Second Chance
a.    Like Jonah, God offers a second chance to us today.
i.      2 Peter 3:9
ii.      Romans 5:8
iii.      Adam and Eve sinned and God provided
1.   Genesis 3:15
2.   John 3:16

In our darkest times or sunny days, God is actively involved in creation. He listens, answers and at times provides a fish to get your attention. Today is the day of your second chance.

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