Simple Ethos Ch. 2 ExSum

I wear size 10 ½ shoes. I like my shoe size it is mine; it has been given to me by God. I like my shoes. The pair of shoes I have on right now are almost in my top 5 favorite pairs of shoes. I think my number one pair would be a pair of Air Jordan’s that I wore while playing basketball in a high school league growing up. We went 13-0 that year, it was amazing! And my shoes were there. Our shoes go every where with us, unless we’re on vacation in which case they stay behind only to sulk in a hotel room. Think about it our shoes are a representation of our life. You can document stages of your life by the shoes you wear. Important dates, births, deaths, weddings, sporting events, we have a pair of shoes for every occasion!
Let’s go deeper in our imagination in the context of wearing shoes. Sometimes my shoes get dirty, I mean literally dirty. I step in mud or a puddle of water, or someone’s forgotten gum. If our lives can be described by our shoes what would we look like? If a puddle represented an adulterous relationship? Or a piece of gum represented an abortion? Or what if a pair of shoes that we wore on our wedding day, never to be worn again, represented our relationship with God…

…you know, the shoes that match the suit or wedding dress. We shop around until we find the right ones, for the right price! We put so much energy in these shoes that when we finally put them on… and we can not wait to take them off. They hurt, our feet are not used to them just yet. When the wedding ends and we are back home and slowly we forget about those shoes, we put them away and they are forgotten. For some our relationship with God feels like a pair of wedding shoes.

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