Called to Be an Associate Pastor

Hey everyone, I have another GREAT post from a long-time friend in the ministry, Jeff Prosser. Jeff was the first person who “showed me the ropes” of ministry. I remember speaking to students, for the first time, under Jeff and I am greatly appreciative. If you are near the Richmond, Ky. area and are looking for a wealth of information on ministry, I would definitely recommend him. Jeff has been successful at both youth and associate ministry roles.

Name: Jeff Prosser
nickname: JP

Ministry Position or Expertise:
Associate Pastor

Where are you located:
Richmond, KY

How long have you been in/doing current ministry/expertise:

youth ministry 18 years, Associate Pastor 3 years

(In your opinion)

1. What are some things you wish you knew before entering into your specific ministry/expertise?
To know how fluid of a position this was going to be.  It’s always changing and I typically enjoy the “fluidness”, but sometimes miss the constants.

2. What are some specific ways to build knowledge/experience in your area of ministry/expertise?
READ!  A saying a mentor told me once…”If you’re going to lead, you gotta read.”

Talking and asking questions to others who are in similar positions. I have found that in my position as an associate pastor the roles and expectations depend on the church you serve.

3. What are some common challenges associated with your area of ministry/expertise?
If you operate with a “to do” list usually because of the make up of this position that will get tossed out the door most days.  Again, the most fluid position I’ve ever served.

4. What was your biggest learning experience concerning your ministry/expertise?
It’s all about the relationship.  Programs and agendas are to help those relationships.

5. What advice would you give someone interested in pursuing ministry/expertise?
It must be a calling of God.  Ask lots of questions.  Put Godly mature people around you.

6. What tools/websites do you use in your ministry/expertise?
Facebook has been a huge resource.  I’m an avid blog reader and blogger, I’ve found lots of good resources through that world.

7. What are some key failures that you would pass along to someone interested in ministry/expertise?
Don’t think you can build a ministry around yourself.  There should be no Lone Rangers.

8. What traits must one possess in order to excel in your area ministry/expertise?
Gotta love PEOPLE and have a heart for them.  That’s why you do what you do in ministry.

9. What is the vision for your ministry/expertise?
To try and infiltrate our community with the love of Jesus.  The days of opening the doors of the church and inviting folks to come in are over.  We must go to where the people are.

To see people become true disciples of Jesus Christ.

10. Do you see any current trends in your area of ministry? Will the trend(s) have a positive/negative impact on future ministry/expertise?
I work a lot with our college ministry…I hear lots of students talk about how the church is irrelevant to them today.   If that kind of thinking does not change by the church becoming more relevant to the culture, that could have a tremendous negative impact on what I do as a pastor.

11. Are you on social media? If so, which ones?



1.  Does your ministry have a website? Yes or No, If so, write url in space below:
Yes our church website is

2. What is the best way to contact you if someone has a specific question regarding your field of ministry/expertise?


1.  What books are you currently reading/recommend?
The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns

Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson

Outliers by Malcom Gladwell

Who Stole my Church by Gordon McDonald

2. What was your latest itunes download?
Toby Mac’s “Tonight”

3. What is your latest project/event that people should know about?
Single Mom’s Oil Change Ministry, a ministry to Single Mom’s in our community.  May 15th.

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