iPhone Apps & Ministry

iphoneLet’s face it, ministry happens ALL the time! Sometimes you need to read a passage for an upcoming sermon or you need to take notes to use later. If you are like me, illustrations come and go throughout the day and there is no way to remember them all. With today’s technology, there is no reason for ministers to feel like they are unprepared. So I wanted to come up with a list of apps that help me study, take notes and even spend time in the word! (This will be an ongoing list, so leave a comment with your favorite ministry apps)

Here are a list of iphone apps that can be helpful for ministers on the go. (in random order)

A free  download from the App Store, Logos Bible Software lets you read,  search, cross reference, compare versions, and even set up reading plans  to keep your daily Bible reading on schedule.

This is the Perfect App for pastors, worship leaders, student pastors  and staff members to bring accountability and productivity to the palm  of your hand.  With 15 years of ministry experience This Generation Now  brings the Admin Pastor to Life for the local church staff members! (Have not personally used this one, looks interesting)

Planning Center Online will simplify and organize your ministry.  Are  you currently scheduling your volunteers by calling them each week? Do  you use Excel, Word or Google Docs to plan your service?  Planning  Center Online will revolutionize the way you plan your services!

FAMILY ’round the TABLE
‘Family ’round the Table’ is a resource that provides your family with  great ways to grow spiritually. The application is intended to guide  parents in the creation of a meal, craft or game, Bible study and  worship activity that are thematically linked to support the spiritual  development of young children.

Here are some apps from specific ministries:

When you download this FREE App, you carry forty years of John  MacArthur’s Bible teaching in your pocket.  That’s thousands of hours of  in-depth Bible teaching instantly available at the touch of a  fingertip.

At Mars Hill we live for Jesus as a city within the city — knowing  culture, loving people, and seeing lives transformed for Jesus. Part of  that mission is utilizing the technology available to us to reach as  many people as we can in our cities and around the world.

Imagine being able to access information on thousands of people groups,  see data on hundreds of countries, flick through amazing photos, learn  about famous missionaries or even share the gospel.  All on your  portable Apple device.  With just the touch of a finger.  Anywhere.   Anytime.  For Free!

The Catalyst iPhone App allows you to have on-demand access to the  latest and best Catalyst content directly from your iPhone/iPod  Touch/iPad.

Here are some devotional apps:

A classic daily devotional focusing on God’s promises by Charles Haddon  Spurgeon, known as the “Prince of Preachers”. No internet connection  required.

CHRISTIAN AUDIO (Morning and Evening)
Morning and Evening, from christianaudio, provides a unique daily  devotional streamed right to your iPhone or iPod touch (over EDGE, 3G,  or Wi-Fi). Listen to today’s reading or jump directly to any day of the  year. If you find one you’d like to share, email the mp3 directly from  within Morning and Evening.

Grab your cup of coffee, find your favorite chair and begin your day  with the wisdom of A.W. Tozer.
Most of these 366 devotional readings  are gleaned from sermons Tozer preached nearer the time of his death in  1963 and have an intense concern for spiritual intimacy and true  worship.

We have a worthy calling from God, but it’s not always easy. But the  Christian life is not about working harder or smarter. Its about knowing  God more deeply and discovering how he works in you. Are you ready to  accept the call to courageous faith? Are you ready to accept the promise  of abundant life that such a faith creates?

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