Leadership, Daniel 3

This is an outline of Daniel 3, I am using for a message for students on the topic of Leadership. Feel free to use this, and make it your own. Leave a comment if you used this outline or changed it to fit your audience. Thanks.

Daniel Chapter 3

What is Leadership? (This is not rhetorical)

Definition: Leadership is the act of the will to follow a belief, or conviction no matter the cost to one’s self, reputation or lifestyle. Leadership is to remain loyal to one’s convictions or belief in the face of adversity and opposition. (this is the definition that I have come up with)

Transition:Tonight I would like to look at 4 guys in the OT that are connected forever in history with a furnace of fire. Before we get into the story, I need to share some info that will help us in our journey to understanding Leadership. First, Daniel and the three amigos were Israelites – God’s Chosen people – who were overtaken by the Babylonians, and made exiles.

Second, Exiles = some Israelites were taken from Kingdom of Judah to Babylon and Third, If you don’t have a conviction worth EVERYTHING you won’t be able to see it through.

Vv. 1-7, 12
I. Leaders have their priorities in check.
– Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego chose the proper thing to do! They choose to live for God worshipping ONLY Him when there were other things to worship.

Exodus 20:2-4, Psalm 95:6, Romans 12:1-2

We do not think of ourselves as a worshiping culture, let alone an idolatrous culture, but our behavior suggests otherwise. Consider our weekly gatherings of up to 100,000 frenzied fans observing a ceremony of men dressed in strange garb acting out a violent drama of conquest. Others stay at home and join in by way of a small glowing shrine set up in the family room. Fans of professional football are probably not even aware that their behavior could be described as worship.

Or consider the way thousands of young people scream and throw themselves at the stage where their rock-star idols are performing. Human beings were created to worship.

Definition: To worship is to ascribe ultimate value to an object, person, or god-and then to revere, adore, pay homage to, and obey by ordering the priorities of our lives around that which we worship.

The Bible teaches that God alone is worthy of our worship.

Transition: In order to be the LEADER you were meant to be we must align our priorities the correct way! God is first. Are your priorities out of order? Are you worshipping God or has something else taken you affections?

Leaders are not worried about their reputation. Leaders are driven by their convictions or beliefs standing in the face of opposition.  Even if it means standing when everyone else is bowing to the world around them…
Vv. 13-18
II.  Leaders do NOT conform for the sake of safety. LEADERS STAND UP..

Have you ever heard the proverb or statement, There is safety in numbers.??? Leaders are not concerned with this concept! Think about a time in school or wherever, and you decided to stick with the crowd instead of standing out..

Joshua 24:15, Isaiah 51:7, Hebrews 11

Leaders make the decision despite of safety.

The right decision is not always the safest one, at least temporarily. Have faith that God will always do what is eternally right in your life, even though it may seem difficult to you at the time. (Philippians 1:6)

Transition:In order to be a LEADER who stands up for God, You must make the tough decisions even if it means that we must praise God, even when we are in dangerous situations…

Vv. 19-30
III. Leaders point others to their SOURCE of conviction.

There are two ways to point others to God. Direct and Indirect.
– Direct: This type of pointing comes from what we say, post or tweet! What are you directly pointing      others too?
EXAMPLE: (DIRECT) Have you ever been around somebody that constantly brought everything back to God in some sort of praise? You were annoyed right? We should be the same way!
Psalm 106:2, Philippians 4:4(rejoice in the Lord always)

In-Direct: This type of leadership is a word-of-mouth type of pointing. Others who hear what you say tell other people what you’re all about. What are others saying about you?
EXAMPLE: (IN-DIRECT) verses 27-29

How are you being perceived? What are you saying? What are you posting? If you want to be the LEADER you were created to be THINK about what you are projecting to others? POINT others to the source of your LIFE!

APPLICATION:  Proverbs 3:5-6
In my daily life, I will seek God in all that I do.

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