Called to Be a Pastor

Hey everyone, it is my privilege to present a pastor of 40 years and a cousin of mine, Ron Lasley. Pastor Ron is someone that I look up to in ministry. This is the third post in a series called “ministry helps”, although under a new title I have named Insights from a pastor. Check out Pastor Ron’s wisdom:

Name: Pastor Ron Lasley
Nickname: Faster pastor

Ministry  Position or Expertise: presently minister of outreach/evangelism

Where are  you located? Pleasant Grove Baptist Church/ Maranatha community fellowship

How long  have you been in/doing current ministry/expertise: Just started but been in the ministry for 40 years

(In your opinion)

1. What are  some things you wish you knew before entering into your specific ministry/expertise? Being better equipped to  deal with people who seemed to be against anything new. Wish I had been  mentored for the position better by someone who would take the time.

2. What are  some specific ways to build knowledge/experience in your area of ministry/expertise?
Read and  listen, not be in to big a hurry to get started it is better to wait on starting  then to mess things up and hinder what you are trying to accomplish.

3. What are  some common challenges associated with your area of ministry/expertise?
Finding people who get it,  understanding that the Kingdom of God is bigger then the church you are in. Finding  people that will support you and work with you in an area that is not  traditional.

4. What was  your biggest learning experience concerning your ministry/expertise?
Learning to be what God called you  to be and not what others, the seminary or the church says you should be.  (cookie cutter preachers)

5. What  advice would you give someone interested in pursuing ministry/expertise?
Find a successful mentor, study, learn,  listen, wait till you have clear direction from God, spend an enormous time with  God and Bible study, not what Calvin or the Armenian and ask  God to give you a burden for souls.

6. What  tools/websites do you use in your ministry/expertise?

7. What are  some key failures that you would pass along to someone interested in ministry?
Unless you have clear  direction in an area, do what you know to do, we have all been called into  ministry, we all have a calling, you do not necessarily  have to go to Africa to do  ministry unless you are clearly being called to go there.

8. What  traits must one possess in order to excel in your area ministry/expertise?
Be a people person who learns to  listen and patiently teach, Paul told us in II Tim to reprove, rebuke and exhort  with great patience.

9. What is  the vision for your ministry/expertise?
Planting a new effective church and growing  believers to be involved in ministry, DUDE Doctrinally sound, unity stressed, Duty  expected and Excitement for Jesus.

10. Do you  see any current trends in your area of ministry? Will the trend(s) have a positive/negative impact on future ministry/expertise?
Yes, the church has been influenced by the lies of  Satan and has gotten comfortable in just going to heaven. We have for years  attempted to scare the hell out of them but have not taught them how to fall in  love with Jesus.


1. Does  your ministry have a website? Yes or No, If so, write URL in space below: – UNDER CONSTRUCTION –

2. What is  the best way to contact you if someone has a specific question regarding your field of  ministry/expertise?

3. Are you  on social media?


1. What  books are you currently reading/recommend?
Anything written by Piper, seven steps to planting a  church

2. What is  your latest project/event that people should know about?
Teaching truth project at my home

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