Baseball & The Church

What if the church looked more like a baseball game? I like Baseball and I like the Church, but what if they looked the same?

In Baseball there is a goal, winning. From the owner of the team down to the everyday fan, the common goal is for the team to win! Most guys that I know, who like baseball, have a favorite team. My favorite team is the New York Yankees. From as far back as I can remember I have liked the Yankees. Being a fan of the Yankees was not a choice that I made, no it was handed down from my Dad. When I watch the Yankees it brings back memories from my childhood, it feels like I am a part of the drama unfolding right there on the television.

What if the Church had a common goal? What if the Church had a team that was unified?

Acts 2:42-47 gives us a view of the how the Church is supposed to look. They had everthying in common.. not that they were robots, no they had a common goal, they were on the same team. The church, instead of sitting in a pew, were in the middle of the drama unfolding around them. The church kept reaching the lost through the new testament and all the way to present day.

The Church should be on the same team, the Kingdom of God!

Common Goal: the Great Commission. A Team Unified: the Great Commandment.

just thinking out loud…

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