Become a Better Speaker in One Step

There are many blogs, books, podcasts, and DVDs on becoming a better speaker. No doubt you are here, because you either a.) follow my blog, or b.) think it is impossible that someone has mastered the art of becoming a better speaker in just one step!
This post could be called, The First Step to Becoming a Better Speaker… but for now let’s get to this one magical step:


In order for anyone to become a better speaker, he/she must become a SME. A SME is an acronym for, Subject Matter Expert. That’s right; that’s the first step for someone to take in order to be on their way to becoming a better communicator, speaker, preacher, teacher, etc.
There are many people who assume that great speakers just have a natural talent of mastering the art of melodious rhetoric. However, the art of becoming a better anything has to do with the hours one puts into studying the given task. Whatever the topic is that you wish to speak on, it should be studied and re-studied before you even put pen to paper.


Have you ever sat under a pastor or teacher who seemed as if they were rambling or chasing rabbit hole after rabbit hole?
I am not advocating that they did not study, but it could be said that they did not study enough. You see, if you cram for a test the night before, you ingest a lot of information only to jumble it up. It may seem like you know of the topic studied, but you won’t have a strong understanding of it. Like cramming for a test, if this is the practice of a pastor, teacher, etc., eventually they will be found out as inconsistent frauds of their trade.
In order to become a SME, you must consume a lot of information in order to flesh out the rabbit holes and questions that could come up. You see, to be good at communicating, you must know what you are talking about. There is no way around it.


If you want to become a better communicator, then you must become a SME. You can buy all the self-help books in the world, but unless you get knee deep in the subject you wish to communicate, you may come off sounding like a rambling communicator.

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