Thoughts from Genesis 1-3

I have begun reading a chronological Bible on the “old” iPad 2 and thought I would share some of my thoughts from my reading. Feel free to comment, this is not exhaustive just simple thoughts that I may use for future teachings.

Read Genesis 1-3 this morning and realized a few things:

1. Humans are made in God’s Image.

a. There is worth to us because of this.

b. Even though we are “fallen” there is something innate that connects us to the Creator.

2. Humans fell, and yet God provided for us.

a. He clothed Adam and Eve.

b. The creation is still available to us.

c. The Gospel was spoken of in Genesis 3:15!

3. Our fulfillment is a temptation and a blessing.

a. Humans desire to be fulfilled, and yet sin has skewed what fulfillment looks like.

b. Our fulfillment can only be found in a healthy relationship with God.

c. Do we give God our desires and wants that only He can satisfy?

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