Daniel Ch. 3 Outline

This is an outline I used for a sermon about 4 years ago. Feel free to take it and totally change it.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Daniel Chapter 3

How many decisions do you make throughout the day…or even this morning before you arrived at church?

Have you ever had to make a decision that altered the way you viewed life?  There are many ways to look at the word decision…some look to make decisions as a leader while others shriek in silence as to not offend or speak for anyone else with the decision he or she makes…

Definition: arriving at a solution that ends uncertainty or that settles a dispute. It is distinguishing between options, some big, some little, some good, and some evil. You must choose between little things, such as a chocolate or vanilla ice-cream cone, or between great issues, such as which person shall I marry, which job shall I take, which home shall I buy? But the most important decision in life is this: What shall I do with Jesus? If you choose to accept him, your eternal destiny and your life on earth will be radically different from what they will be if you choose not to accept him.

Transition: Today we will look at three decisions that we should have in our daily lives as well as in the midst of our big decisions…

Vv. 1-7, 12

I. Decide to worship God!
Exodus 20:2-4, Psalm 95:6, Romans 12:1-2

We do not think of ourselves as a worshiping culture, let alone an idolatrous culture, but our behavior suggests otherwise. Consider our weekly gatherings of up to 100,000 frenzied fans observing a ceremony of men dressed in strange garb acting out a violent drama of conquest. Others stay at home and join in by way of a small glowing shrine set up in the family room. Fans of professional football are probably not even aware that their behavior could be described as worship. Or consider the way thousands of young people scream and throw themselves at the stage where their rock-star idols are performing. Human beings were created to worship. To worship is to ascribe ultimate value to an object, person, or God-and then to revere, adore, pay homage to, and obey by ordering the priorities of our lives around that which we worship. The Bible teaches that God alone is worthy of our worship.

Transition: In the decisions we make…are we worshipping God? Even if it means standing when everyone else is bowing to the world around them…

Vv. 13-18

II. Decide to stand for God! Relationship over conformity

Have you ever had a moment in time when you decided to sit in the midst of friends instead of standing for our creator God?

Joshua 24:15, Isaiah 51:7, Hebrews 11


The right decision is not always the safest one, at least temporarily. Have faith that God will always do what is eternally right in your life, even though it may seem difficult to you at the time. (Philippians 1:6)

Transition: In the decisions we make…are we standing for God or something else? Even if it means that we must praise God, even when we are in dangerous situations…

Vv. 19-30…

Say something about 27-28

III. Decide to praise God!

Have you ever been around somebody that constantly brought everything back to God in some sort of praise? You were annoyed right? We should be the same way!

Psalm 106:2, Philippians 4:4(rejoice in the Lord always)
Consider how great God is-the awesome creator of the universe. Then consider how sinful and mortal we are. Then consider how great God’s love for us is. How can we help but praise him?

Transition: Somebody is here, saying Ryan I don’t have a relationship with God so why should I decide anything about God, And then some here would rather not make waves and not actually decide anything outside of the norm…we must decide! We must decide to worship, stand for, and praise God in all that we do throughout our daily lives especially the times of fire or difficult circumstances…why go through it alone? (Isaiah 43) God is with us! He stepped down through Jesus and said I am the way the Truth and the Life…we should lean and depend on Him in all that we do!

Application: Proverbs 3:5-6
In my daily life, I will seek God in all that I do.

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