Five Tips for Dad

If you’re anything like me you love the summer season! Like most dads, I try to find ways for my family to draw closer together. Here are some tips for dads who, at times, overreach with their summer ideas.

1. Get a second opinion.

If rv’ing to the Grand Canyon sounds super awesome, your wife and children may not have the same feelings. Ask a friend and his wife. If you get more negative reactions than positive, you may want to rethink the adventure.

2. Keep it simple.

On your way to the best vacation ever, stay focused. You don’t have to one up last years fun. If you continually “go bigger” you might begin to place more emphasis on the event rather than on your family.

3. Be yourselves.

Just because you go on vacation doesn’t mean you put on alter egos. If your family reads the Bible together, continue the tradition on vacation. Remember this is a time to draw closer together.

4. Keep technology in second place.

Once you begin vacation leave social media behind. You can post pictures but do not surf. Technology will be there when you get back

5. Relax.

Vacation should be a time for you to show your family that life isn’t about the rat race. Be spontaneous.

God has given us the opportunity to influence our perspective families. Use the summer season to reflect God’s love.

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