Leadership On the Go: Give

Like clouds and wind without rain is a man who boasts of a gift he does not give. Proverbs 25:14 ESV

As leaders we often forget about the easiest and most important word when it comes to our leadership; give.


There are many opportunities to give if we take time and look for them. Do we set forth the example of giving to those in our circle of influence? Do we provide opportunity for others to give?

Here is a short list to reflect on when it comes to giving:

  1. Give Time. As leaders we need to give our time in order to invest in others. Never forget about the time that you give to family and how you influence the next generation.
  2. Give Talent. It is very tempting to keep our talents to ourselves when placed in a leadership position in order to maintain our status. The most influential leaders give their talents away in order to create an environment of investing in others.
  3. Give Money. The most obvious and yet most difficult to do. There are plenty of moments in our lives for monetary giving to those less fortunate. Maybe there is a project or charity you and your organization can participate in. Lead others by your example of giving.
  4. Give Opportunity. When we allow others the opportunity to lead, or invest, we open the door to productivity and teamwork.

This is a small list of giving ideas for you and your organization.

Leadership is giving. Giving is leadership.

Pastor Ryan

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