Three Questions

There are many qualified leaders and there are even fewer successful ones. During my time in the Army Reserves I have come up with what I believe to be the three most important questions anyone could ask themselves.

Where am I? Where do I want to be? How can I get there?

  1. Where am I? Where are you right now as you read this newsletter? Home? Work break? etc..Where you are determines what you should be doing. This sounds like an obvious statement but many people are not engaged in whats going on around them. If you are at home, be engaged, participate, and contribute. If you are at work be productive and a team player. Bottom line, be engaged where you are.
  2. Where do I want to be? Do you want to be holding your current position 7 years from now? Hopefully not. Dream BIG. Set goals. Write it down.
  3. How can I get there?  Tell someone else your plans so that they can hold you accountable. Accountability is key to accomplishing tasks. Network with others with similar goals. Keep moving forward.

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