Hank fails. Be like Hank.

There are three things that good leaders do naturally in order to lead successfully.

Reflect often, address failure, and move forward.

1. Reflect Often.

There is a distinct difference between living in the past and learning from the past. Not understanding the past will lead to repeating it.

In my life there are moments that I’ve failed. If I were to live in my failure I wouldn’t be able to function. My faith allows me to lay down my shortcomings at the feet of an almighty God. I can walk away from my failures because I have been forgiven. I also learn from my failure and lean on God to help direct my path.

2. Address Failure.

Just like history, if we ignore our failures we will repeat them. Sweeping failures under the rug like they never happened can be detrimental to the individuals we are trying to lead.

Failure needs to be acknowledged in order to grow out of it. For instance, if I act like I never make mistakes those around me will eventually stop following me. If I address my shortcomings and acknowledge that I need help or a team the organization will thrive.

3. Move Forward.

Leaders move forward. There will never be progress while moving backwards. Leaders see where an organization is (big picture) and can navigate obstacles (failure) in order to move forward.

If you are going to fail, fail big. Whatever you are doing put 100% effort into it so that you can say I gave it my all.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” Mark 10:27

In the passage surrounding this verse Jesus is teaching about salvation. And at one point the disciples make comments like, who can be saved??

Answer: Anyone who believes in Jesus.

To some that simple answer seems impossible. If we find our worth in whether or not we fail we will be without hope. If we allow failure to determine our outlook on life we will never move forward.

There will be moments in life when failure seems to be around every corner, I’m here to encourage you. Never give up. With God there is hope and renewal through failure.

God has you right where he wants you. Learn from failure. Reflect often, address failure, and keep moving forward.

Love God Love People.

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