Who is in control?

With all of the political ads, ballot issues, and partisan rhetoric who can figure out what is the right thing to do? Who will guide the country? Where are we headed? Will our nation be divided even more going forward? For believers, there is a simple step to take when trying to wade through the … More Who is in control?

Visitor Parking.

Have you ever felt like you were an outsider? Have you ever felt like you don’t fit in? There are times, in my life, that I feel like I am in a visitor parking spot waiting to move on.. If we are honest, we get used to our day in and day out, rinse and … More Visitor Parking.

A New Year

Most people make resolutions and most people fail. I am one of those folks that start with good intentions but most of the time I fail.  I often focus so much energy on my failures that I neglect the promises that God has given me. Those who believe in Jesus for the forgiveness of sin … More A New Year