The day after..

If you are anything like me you watched as the different news outlets described the presidential election minute by minute into the wee hours of the morning. I may or may not have fell asleep around 2:00AM.  I have friends, family, and acquaintances on both sides of the aisle and that is at the forefront … More The day after..

Falling Down

Have you ever fallen down? I mean physically fallen down. I have recently had the opportunity to hug our foster son after falling down in front of me. The thing about boys is they bounce differently than girls. Now my daughter falls and seems to have no control over “how” she falls, she just hits … More Falling Down

Church and Culture

I have been thinking about the culture in which I live, and how do I interact with it as a follower of Jesus Christ. To begin, we need to ask the question; What is culture? In an article about culture, Resurgence, now Mark Driscoll, defines culture as; Culture is the shared beliefs, behaviors, and artifacts … More Church and Culture