There are times when Hank is alone. Hank is ok with being alone. Be like Hank. Ever been alone? Ever been so alone that you could here your own breath? Being alone is healthy. Feeling so alone that you begin to hurt yourself is not healthy. (Not eating, not maintaining healthy relationships, isolating oneself, oversleeping, … More Alone.


Sometimes Hank struggles. Be like Hank. I’m not going to lie, being here is tough. This is probably the most desolate place I’ve ever been to. The air is full of dirt/sand and every breath is filled with dust. Ever since I was 5 I have imagined serving my country in the United States Army. … More Struggle.


Hank has a direction because he uses a map. Be like Hank. Have you ever noticed that some people seem to have a direction in life while others do not? Question: what separates the two? Answer: Direction. The sooner an individual understands his/her direction the more simple and easier life becomes. Understanding the direction you … More Direction