Have you ever had so much on your “to-do” list that you didn’t know where to begin? If we are honest, we’ve all been there more than we’d like to admit. The point of this post is to provoke the reader to begin developing a strategy to clear out the never ending task list. Hank … More Prioritize

Reflect. Recall. Retain.

Hank is back and he’s taking notes! Did you know that writing something down helps you remember the content being delivered for longer? There are some who can listen and retain information but often times key facts are lost. The flip side of this is that when we take notes key facts are remembered over … More Reflect. Recall. Retain.

Pull Security

Meet Hank. Hank is a toy Soldier that I often take pictures of, doing various activities, throughout my day. Hank allows me to write about leadership lessons learned. This is the first of many posts that I will use to pass on my observations and experiences over the next year of deployment. Hank pulls security … More Pull Security