Have you ever had so much on your “to-do” list that you didn’t know where to begin? If we are honest, we’ve all been there more than we’d like to admit. The point of this post is to provoke the reader to begin developing a strategy to clear out the never ending task list. Hank … More Prioritize

Visitor Parking.

Have you ever felt like you were an outsider? Have you ever felt like you don’t fit in? There are times, in my life, that I feel like I am in a visitor parking spot waiting to move on.. If we are honest, we get used to our day in and day out, rinse and … More Visitor Parking.

Falling Down

Have you ever fallen down? I mean physically fallen down. I have recently had the opportunity to hug our foster son after falling down in front of me. The thing about boys is they bounce differently than girls. Now my daughter falls and seems to have no control over “how” she falls, she just hits … More Falling Down